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Tuning (English tune - tune) - tuning the car in accordance with the tastes of the owner or operating conditions. Tuning includes multi-level and versatile vehicle refinement.

Engine tuning includes complete or partial readjustment using additional parts. The most common way to increase engine power is by installing a turbocharger. An equally effective, albeit more complicated, method is the installation of an injection of nitrous oxide NOS (nitrous oxclasse system). Also, with the installation of additional parts, it is practiced to replace the standard ones (crankshaft, pistons, nozzles, fuel pump, filters, manifolds, etc.).

Suspension tuning involves replacing standard shock absorbers with stiffer ones and shorter springs. This results in less vertical wheel travel, which makes the vehicle more stable. The levers and "rubber bands" are also changed for more durable ones, since the stiffer suspension quickly "kills" the native silent blocks and ball joints.

Chip tuning stands alone, although it is directly related to engine tuning. It involves setting up electronic control units. As a rule, the engine and gearbox control units undergo chip tuning, since they determine the speed of the nodes and, as a result, the speed of the entire car.

Interior tuning often changes it beyond recognition, but the most common changes in the interior are: a sports steering wheel, gear knob, anatomical seats (so-called "cradles" or "buckets"), additional instruments (boost pressure, oil temperature and pressure, additional tachometer, etc. of course the audio system.

External tuning is no less spectacular than salon tuning. The simplest is to install an aerodynamic body kit that includes front and rear bumpers, side sills and a wing. Large-diameter light-alloy wheels paired with low-profile or ultra-low-profile tires also play an important role. The new wheels perform several tasks at once, the first is aesthetic beauty, be that as it may, a fast car should look beautiful, the second is weight reduction, alloy wheels are much lighter than standard steel wheels, respectively, dynamics improves and fuel consumption is reduced, the third is reliability, light alloy wheels much stronger than their stamped counterparts, and fourth - the larger the diameter of the disc, the smaller the height of the rubber, which significantly improves handling.

Airbrushing (painting a car) is a more complex method, here talented airbrushes create whole pictures that make the car truly unique and inimitable.

Body tuning improves aerodynamics. In fact, in most cases, the body that has undergone changes has poorer aerodynamics, as the vast majority of tuning shops and tuning accessories manufacturers do not have their own wind tunnel, as a result of which the fit is carried out with huge tolerances.

The forced engine has a low resource. Not necessary, especially if the increase in power is achieved by polishing, increasing the compression ratio and modifying the exhaust system. In these cases, the resource is even increased. In addition, some changes do not affect the resource in any way - for example, boring and others.

The spoiler allows you to accelerate faster and to more speed. False, as the spoiler actually degrades the aerodynamic properties of the car, reducing its top speed and increasing the acceleration time. The spoiler's true purpose is to improve handling at high speeds by generating downforce. In addition, it only improves it when installed correctly.

If the engine has a small volume, then the consumption will be low for any tuning. At high degrees of forcing, especially if not performed in factory conditions, fuel consumption can increase many times, regardless of volumes. For example, a 1.6-liter VAZ engine, when boosted to 150-180 hp, requires 80-90 l / 100 km.

All engines can be boosted in the same way. Various engines, in addition to general characteristics, also have their own specifics, therefore, in some cases, forcing can lead either to undesirable consequences, or the engine may not improve its characteristics.

Shorter gears reduce top speed. Short gears are commonly referred to as close gear ratios, which simply provide faster acceleration and better shifting. In addition, higher gears usually do not converge.

A powerful audio system is awesome! In fact, a powerful audio system can seriously increase fuel consumption and drain the battery quickly. It also contributes to the rapid deterioration of the generator. Even motor sportsmen competing in the field of car audio have sports and everyday audio systems.

The racing seats are very comfortable. In fact, racing seats are designed primarily for better safety and weight reduction. The convenience of their use, especially long-term, is doubtful.

Leather chairs are better than regular ones. Not always. Usually, cars of low and medium price categories use not very high-quality leather, or even its artificial substitutes. These seats are usually slippery and are superior to fabric only in appearance.

If the engine is derated, the cost will be reduced. Usually, when derating, the engine switches to a lower grade of fuel, but at the same time fuel consumption increases quite seriously, so that costs can remain at the same level, or may even increase ...

Streamlined body lines reduce fuel consumption. Sometimes this is the case, but sharp broken lines arranged in certain proportions help to save fuel better.

A front wheel drive car cannot handle more than 250 hp. The car will withstand this and even more power. Another thing is that the handling will decrease slightly due to vibrations.

The engine can be reprogrammed using a regular laptop. This requires special software, a special adapter, or even better - a universal tester-programmer.

The turbine will not increase fuel consumption if it is well tuned. The turbine will increase fuel consumption anyway, as it compresses the mixture, allowing more fuel to be fed into the cylinders at a time.

The body will not fall apart if you cut it a little. The body will not fall apart, but it will seriously weaken, because of which the car will lose its rigidity. As a result, in the event of an accident, the body will most likely simply fold.

A compressor is better than a turbine - it's not for nothing that they put it on a Mercedes. In fact, the compressor is less efficient than the turbine, since it does not provide such high efficiency and significantly increases fuel consumption. Compressors are installed on Mercedes rather because of the adherence to tradition.

True forward flow must roar! A real straight-through muffler should not sound louder than usual. But the fact is that it costs 5-6 times more expensive than a "loud" forward flow.

A tuning car can be sold for more than a standard car. Usually, tuning cars are in less demand and are bought cheaper than conventional cars due to the fact that such a car is removed from the warranty and, in addition, tuning cars are usually not driven slowly and accurately.

Hood slots cool the engine. If you make slots in the hood, the engine will most likely warm up more. For its better cooling, it is necessary to make a hood, for example, in the wings.

Metal bumpers are stronger than plastic ones. Rather, it is simply more dangerous for pedestrians and drivers. Modern polymers can be stronger than metal, but at the same time softer and more elastic ...

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