The healthiest drinks

The healthiest drinks

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A person cannot do without liquid, and everyone has long known that freshly squeezed fruit juices are the most useful drinks for us. Within half an hour or an hour, the amount of vitamin C in them decreases by 30-50%. In addition, experts recommend using them around 7 o'clock in the morning, even before meals. This will maximize the effect of using juices.

In general, fruit juices improve mood, provide many vitamins, improve organ function, and remove toxins. The effect of using tasty liquids does not come immediately, but after 3-6 months. Let's talk about the ten most useful drinks for humans.

Grape juice. This drink is unique in its properties. It contains many B vitamins, which are useful for both nails and hair, and also contains ascorbic acid. Grape juice contains many trace elements that strengthen memory, prevent the development of cancer, and keep the skin elastic.

Pomegranate juice. The drink is rich in vitamins A, C, E, but also contains sodium, iron, phosphorus, calcium and magnesium. The juice is recommended for people with problems in the cardiovascular system, it helps to fight anemia, anemia and hypertension. Pomegranate juice is effective in combating colds, but there are also contraindications. This drink should not be taken by people with peptic ulcers and high acidity.

Grapefruit juice. It is especially useful when mixed with orange in a 3: 1 ratio. This drink significantly increases immunity, which is especially important in the fight against influenza. Fatigue will go away from the juice, brain work will be activated, the risks of atherosclerosis and hypertension will decrease. The drink does not allow people to gain weight, it is recommended to take it with diets. However, there are contraindications here - you can not take juice for those who have a low calcium content and high acidity.

Strawberry-strawberry juice. It is advised to use it for colds, diseases of the cardiovascular system. The juice also helps to maintain weight, in addition, restores disturbed metabolism.

Cranberry juice. The special value of this drink is in its resistance to colds, because this natural remedy reduces fever, helps with colds and coughs. The juice removes toxins and relieves fatigue. The cranberry drink is an excellent diuretic, while the much-needed potassium is not washed out from the body.

Red wine. The benefits of this drink have long been known. Scientists have proven the effectiveness of wine in the fight against cancer, this drink helps to better digest food. It is no coincidence that it is recommended to take wine with meals, but not more than 150 ml per day.

Carrot juice. This drink is a wonderful medicine, the main wealth of which is vitamin A. Also in the juice there are vitamins C, D, E, B (B1, B2, B6, PP vitamins), K, as well as many useful microelements - sodium, potassium, phosphorus, calcium. But alkali metals (the same magnesium and calcium) help cleanse the stomach lining. Only now, the intake of such a magic drink should still be limited, since the liver will rebel. You can avoid this by mixing carrot juice and apple juice, which contains a lot of vitamin C in a ratio of 1 to 2. Such a mixture will be useful for colds, liver, kidney and bladder diseases, atherosclerosis. When taken, the work of the intestines will improve, toxins will be removed from the body.

A mixture of beetroot, apple and pumpkin juices. This drink significantly cleanses the body, removing toxins and salts from it. Promotes juice and digestion without causing weight gain. Such a mixture is indispensable for patients with hypertension and for people with joint problems.

Tea. Experts even assure that the variety is so important. The main thing is to prepare a healing drink yourself, and not buy a concentrate in a bottle. Since ancient times, it has been known about the possibilities of tea to tone up and invigorate. He successfully fights viral infections and heart disease. Green tea improves metabolism, currant and raspberry tea is a good antipyretic, and rosehip tea contains a lot of vitamin C, which helps to overcome colds. Even a drink made from cherry tails has a healing effect, it fights ARVI, kidney and joint diseases. However, traditional tea should not be overused by people with cardiovascular diseases.

Blueberry juice. This drink will help improve your eyesight, and it is also the best remedy for stomach upsets. It is known that blueberry juice helps in the fight against diabetes, not only prevents gum disease, but also keeps cells youthful longer, slowing down their aging.

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