The most unusual books

The most unusual books

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Today, the book is still the best gift, although it is in fashion to give unusual printed works. Regular printed materials are being replaced by electronic devices.

And those few book creators who still remain in this market are trying to attract buyers, including with amazing products. Below are the ten outstanding masterpieces of printing.

The dying book. This creation belongs to the Swiss graphic designer Pierre Mendel. Realizing that he would soon die, he published a small book in which he summarized all his life stages and achievements. At the end of the book, Mendel indicated the day of his death. Surprisingly, it was on this day that the designer died. The book itself is made in the form of a cross, placed on the Swiss flag.

Leaky book. American writer Jonathan Safran Foer decided to embody hypertext directly in the book. As a result, his creations "Three of Codes" saw the light. This book is different in that it is full of holes.

Cookbook. The renowned Ikea company that created this unusual product claims that the best thing is the one that is made at home. The cookbook "Home made is best" has been published to illustrate this claim. In it, all the recipes are displayed in the form of instructions for assembling modular furniture by IKEA itself.

Three-dimensional alphabet. Everyone knows that it is easier for children to learn about the world through play. So why not try to learn the alphabet using the unusual 3D alphabet "ABC3D"?

Tunnel book. Those people who work at a computer are prone to tunnel syndrome. It is also characteristic of writers. Probably one of these sufferers, he created the book "Tunnel Vision", in which he described the tunnel connecting New York and New Jersey. The book tells about the history of the building and its present, and it itself is laid out in the form of this underground road.

Three-dimensional books by Benjamin Lacombe. French illustrator Benjamin Lacombe delights fans of his work with the most real three-dimensional books, each of which demonstrates volumetric wonders. The master's work is very painstaking, but he has already released his edition of "Alice in Wonderland", "Madame Butterfly" and "Pinocchio".

An oven bakeable cookbook. First, the hostess opens her cookbook to cook something in the oven. It is from the book that the recipe for a new dish is taken. But in Croatia, printers decided to mix the components of this process. There they created the "Well Done" cookbook, which must first be baked in the oven. Only then will recipes appear on its pages. The book itself is sold in foil as a semi-finished product.

Wikipedia on paper. The main encyclopedia on the Internet is Wikipedia. The number of articles on it has long exceeded the number of those in all other most complete paper encyclopedias. In addition, Wikipedia is constantly updated, largely through the efforts of the users themselves. It would seem that it is simply impossible to create a printed version of such an encyclopedia. But designer Rob Matthews decided otherwise, creating a huge 5,000-page tome. It includes, of course, not all of Wikipedia, but only a few tens of thousands of the most visited articles on it, and even then only in the English section. Of course, there is no practical sense in such a publication, but an attempt was made to convey the essence of the electronic encyclopedia.

Book, a substitute for a night light. A book called "Good Ideas Glow in The Dark" can hardly be called ordinary. It is rather a night lamp, which is just stylized as a print publication and is intended to be placed on a bookshelf. Although there is a place for her on the table. Surprisingly, in this book, not only the spine itself shines, but also the letters on its cover.

Seasoning book. Everyone knows that the best place for seasoning is in special jars in the kitchen. But designer Nick Bampton suggested using an unusual tool for this - a book. Each of its sheets will contain a certain amount of spices. To use them, adding to the dish, you just need to tear off the desired sheet of an unusual book and throw it into a pan or boiling water. The leaf will quickly dissolve under the influence of temperature and moisture. The only pity is that a book "read" once will no longer be able to fulfill its functions.

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