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The legendary sauce has a glorious history, because it began to be produced since the Civil War in the United States. His recipe remains unchanged, despite his respectful age.

The Tabasco brand itself combines several hot sauces. The aroma of Tabasco products is sour and piquant, and the product itself has won worldwide popularity.

Today you rarely meet such a person who would never have heard of this sauce. They are present on the tables of ordinary people, soldiers, as well as on royal ones. Few brands have such a versatile yet loyal following.

The sauce is produced in a single place - in Avery Island, in Louisiana, in the southern United States. This is not an island at all, as the name suggests, but just an area near the Gulf of Mexico.

Immediately after the end of the Civil War, Edmund Macalenni came here to his estate. The ex-banker from New Orleans has come to the conclusion that now his financial business will have a hard time. I had to look for new options for work.

The land in this area used to be the seabed. The saline soil was ideal for growing Tabasco peppers. At first, it was grown only here, and only then in Latin America and South Africa. However, the seeds for all of these plantations still originate from Avery Island.

And the history of the brand began with the fact that Macalenni received these very seeds from a former Southerner soldier who brought them from Mexico. And although it is said that Tabasco peppers were grown in Louisiana and before Macalenni, it was he who invented the sauce of the same name. By the way, this word in the language of the Indians means "land of wet land." The former banker liked the sound of the term, so he gave this name to his sauce.

The mixture was created by Macalenni and pepper pulp, quality vinegar, and he generally mined salt in his mine. There are two versions of the appearance of the original recipe in history. According to the first, Macalenni experimented for a long time trying to get the perfect recipe. The second version is much more commonplace - the farmer simply forgot his peppers in a saline solution for several days. In any case, people liked the resulting sauce immediately.

It turned out that Macalenni hit the bull's-eye with him - everyone was already tired of the insipid and monochromatic food, which they wanted to somehow diversify. The farmer relied only on his own intuition, and in the end achieved impressive results - an impeccable combination of pungency and taste. Until now, culinary historians disagree on what it was - just luck or a commercial genius?

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