The most famous tattooed people

The most famous tattooed people

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Wanting to improve and embellish his body, a person is ready for much. One of the most ancient and widespread body decoration techniques is tattooing.

Today it is considered fashionable to have a small original pattern on the body, even women do not hesitate to do so. True, these freaks even frighten with their appearance.

Today, all sorts of eccentrics and perverts are becoming popular in the world, so a person just covered with tattoos from head to toe sometimes seems adequate. On the other hand, there is no doubt that their life clearly falls outside the social standards.

With the help of tattoos, people not only radically change their appearance, but also put on a different psychological mask. The most famous tattooed people do not leave the pages of newspapers and magazines, these people even compete who will cover their bodies with drawings more.

Etienne Dumont. This man is no longer young. The 64-year-old literary critic lives in Geneva. His body is covered from head to toe with multi-colored patterns. Etienne became famous for the Europ'art'09 exhibition held in Switzerland. There, 12 photographers made a joint project dedicated to an unusual person. It must be said that Dumont is famous in Switzerland and abroad not only for his unusual appearance. He works as a journalist and art critic for the daily newspaper La Tribune de Geneve. But this is one of the most popular publications in the country. Addicted to tattoos, over the years, Dumont made his entire body an object of art. In addition, in addition to the patterns, the man also made himself several stretch marks. There is a hole in the lower lip that shows the lower jaw. There were tunnels with five-centimeter rings in the ears, there was a place for implants on the arms and head. Thanks to them, in particular, the head received horny growths. Big round glasses complete the strange picture. The first tattoo by Dumont was made back in 1980 in Lausanne. The hobby so captured the man that he soon began to resemble a walking catalog of paintings. At first, Etienne applied black and white drawings, but after seeing a Polynesian mask in the Orsay Museum, he switched to colored tattoos. This unusual person is trying to live for today without thinking about tomorrow. The only thing that can stop Dumont is the physical limitations of his body.

Lucky Diamond Rich. This person has been holding the title of the most tattooed person on the planet since 2006. Lucky Rich works at the New Zealand circus. Shocking and surprising people is his profession. Rich knows how to swallow swords and burning torches, juggle and ride a unicycle at the same time. A unique person, by appointment, can get a tattoo for anyone. Today Rich is only a little over forty, and he is already one hundred percent covered with drawings. Hundreds of artists decorated his body, the circus performer had to endure over a thousand hours of pain. As a result, there are tattoos on all parts of his body, including eyelids, lips and even some internal surfaces - auricles and gums. Interestingly, Rich doesn't even think to stop. Currently, he began to make white tattoos over his black ones, and colored ones over white ones. It all started with Rich's love of travel. He brought a couple of new tattoos from each trip until they covered 84% of his body. When they bored the man, he decided to disguise them with stupid black paint. Rich liked the result so much that he gave the remaining flesh to the ink.

Julia Gnuse. Unlike many other decorated people, this woman has become so against her own desires. Julia is known as the "Painted Lady". From birth she suffers from a rare skin disease - porphyria. Because of it, under the influence of sunlight, the surface of the body begins to burst, forming terrible scars. To hide these marks, Julia began to tattoo over them. Only the master helped her in this, which lasted 10 years. 400 tattoos cost her 40 thousand euros. After that, 95 percent of the woman's body became covered with multi-colored drawings. These are mainly characters from various American TV shows, films and animation. The 53-year-old woman now lives in California. She is considered the most tattooed representative of the fairer sex in the world.

Paul Lawrence. Another nickname for this painted man is Enigma. He, like Diamond Rich, makes money on shows. Enigma performs on the streets, where he swallows swords and plays various instruments. Lawrence shoves a working drill up his nose, swallows the fluids, spews them back up, and swallows again. In the underground world, this is a fairly well-known character. Indeed, for more than twenty years he has been constantly present at the largest music and circus festivals, even performing as an opening act for David Bowie. And Lawrence stands out from the crowd thanks to his tattoos in the form of blue puzzles. Tiger Lady started making drawings on his body in 1992, later the two freaks got married. To date, Enigma's body has been treated by two hundred masters, implants have been inserted into it and the ear has been changed. Two books have been written about the unusual man, and National Geographic magazine wrote about him in June 1995. Paul even made a cameo appearance in The X-Files. The energetic man is currently performing with Serana Rose. The crown number of the pair is "Kiss of Death". Separated by a working chainsaw, with apples in their teeth, they approach each other as far as possible. So Lawrence has not only an exotic appearance, but also a very unusual way of life.

Rick Genest. One day, the life of a 15-year-old boy from the suburbs of Montreal changed dramatically. At this age, he underwent surgery to remove a brain tumor, after which he was possessed by the idea of ​​death. Already at 16, Rick got his first tattoo, and a year later he left home altogether. At the age of 21, Genest met tattoo artist Frank Lewis in Montreal, who came up with the image of the Zombie Boy for his new client. This pattern made Genesta a world famous. But at that time he had only a few banal tattoos on his body. Lewis suggested covering them with one large pattern all over the body. This tattoo repeats the anatomical features of the human skeleton and tendons. It took about 6 years and thousands of dollars for Rick to turn outwardly into a living dead. This image has become in demand - Rick starred in a cameo role in "The Story of a Vampire." After the photos of the tattooed guy were published on Facebook, the fashion director of the singer Lady Gaga noticed him and offered cooperation. Thanks to him, Rick became the face of the autumn / winter 2011 campaign for the Thierry Mugler trademark, participating in Formichetti's shows with the singer. In early 2011, Genest starred in Lady Gaga's video "Born this way". An unusual man began to appear on the covers of glossy magazines. Today he actively participates in advertising campaigns, being the most media person among people with such extreme adornments of their bodies. Rick Genest even started making his own clothes, he blogs, sells dolls and records music.

Tom Leppard. Many call this man crazy, but he himself is quite happy with his life. 73-year-old Tom chose a secluded existence in a hut on the Isle of Skye, near Scotland. For a long time, it was he who was considered the most tattooed person on the planet, because 99% of his body is covered with patterns. Thanks to them, he became like a leopard, but from his clothes he only has a loincloth. Tom served in the special forces for 28 years, after which he realized that he could no longer live in a civilized world. He decided to become unique. Body decoration cost £ 5,500 and tattoos cover 99.9% of the surface. There was no place for the drawings on the inside of the auricles, and between the toes. After such a radical change of himself, Tom moved to the island. Today Leppard's life is filled with reading books, walking through the woods on all fours. He associates himself with a big cat, and his pattern only helps to feel it. In addition, Tom has inserted fangs like a leopard. Once a week, a former soldier has to travel by boat to collect his pension and buy groceries.

Eric Spark. Eric was born in 1972 in Kentucky. Today, for his appearance, he is better known as the lizard man. Spark works in freak shows and plays sideshows. Numerous body modifications have brought him fame, including pointed teeth and a green tattoo covering the entire body. It is believed that it was Spark who first invented to make the language bifurcated, now such a modification is very common among freaks. In order to become as much like a lizard as possible, Spark needed to spend more than 700 hours in tattoo parlors. To enhance the resemblance, Eric inserted 10 implants into the browbones and stretched the earlobes. The lizard man can often be seen on television. Interestingly, before starting his transformation, Spark had a Ph.D. degree from the University of Albany. He later even became a BA in Arts and Philosophy. Spark also writes articles on body modification and takes part in music tours. It is said that to complete the complete transformation into a lizard, Eric is only lacking a tail, which he dreams of.

Horace Ridler. This freak was a professional showman. One can undoubtedly call him one of the most popular tattooed people ever living on the planet. Ridler was born in 1892 into a wealthy family in Surrey, England. The birth made it possible for this person to be an aristocrat. Horace ended the First World War with the rank of major. Leaving military service, the young man in London began his transformation. The fact is that he was experiencing financial difficulties, and show business attracted with easy money. As a result, tattoos in the form of black and white stripes covered the body of the Englishman from head to toe. This is how the Great Omi or Zebra-man was born. This happened in 1927 thanks to the collaboration with the London master George Burchett. This required written permission from both Horace himself and his wife. It took 150 hours of work to make Great Omi appear. But there were more than enough job offers. Ridler began performing in circuses, telling the story of his violent tattooing by the savages of New Guinea. The great Omi became very popular and highly paid. But over the years, both Ridler's appearance and his character began to change. Horace seemed strange to everyone, he began to paint his legs and put on makeup. Omi started to scandal. He used the phrase "Barbarian handsome" as his signature. With all this, even in 1969, shortly before his death, Horace argued that the most ordinary person was behind his hobbies.

Maria Jose Cristerna. This Mexican woman is now 35 years old, and her childhood love for vampires has just acquired new features. Surprisingly, the woman grew up in a conservative Catholic family, where they adhered to strict views. Now she was able to do everything to make her dreams come true, moreover, her ex-sadist husband became a catalyst for change. Today, Mary's entire body is covered in horrific tattoos. The woman even left her profession of a lawyer and became a tattoo artist. It is not surprising, who would cooperate with such a lawyer? In addition, Maria also implanted fangs, titanium plates on her forehead and on her temples, creating the illusion of horns. To clarify her image, she also wears special lenses with a narrow pupil. The most amazing thing is that the vampire woman has four children. But this appearance made Maria popular, she is interviewed and autographs, she is invited to festivals and television. 90% of her body is covered with tattoos. Maria believes that operations without anesthesia are her path to strength, and such an appearance will reward her with immortality.

Isobel Varley. Usually in old age people try to lead a calm life, but this grandmother is not like that. She actively travels the world, since she has something to show people. Isobel Varley is officially recognized by the Guinness Book of Records as the oldest tattooed woman in the world. But she is already 75 years old! The first tattoo appeared on her body back in 1986. Then it was the image of a small bird. But Isobel loved this activity so much that she literally became a drug addict. Since then, Varley has adorned 76% of her body with 200 drawings. In total, this required more than 500 hours of painful procedures. The woman says that there are no tattoos only on her face, soles of feet, ears and on some areas of her arms. The patterns are even present on the toes and on the inner thighs. But there are also fifty piercing elements, including 16 in the lumbar region. Maria herself happily poses for reporters, quite openly exposing herself at the same time.

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