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Meaning of the name

Seraphim translated from Hebrew means "fiery", "fiery angel".


Little Seraphima just has a wonderful character, she is affectionate, kind and friendly. Outwardly, this quiet and meek girl is similar to her father, somewhat inclined to be overweight, but very mobile. She will never cry and be capricious, demanding a new toy, she will not answer with a rude word to a parent's remark.

She studies well at school, is persistent and assiduous, humanitarian subjects are especially easy for her. Seraphima is very talented, she has a developed sense of rhythm, an ear for music, a sense of beauty - is it any wonder that she enjoys attending a music school, a gymnastics section and an art school at the same time? The only difficulty lies in finally choosing one field of activity and improving in it.

The adult Seraphima changes little - she is still the same kind and sympathetic, unable to hurt another, never raising her voice. She is a great hard worker, always ready to help colleagues, friends or acquaintances.

In addition, Seraphima is too gullible, therefore she is often deceived, but even after gaining negative experience she does not lose faith in people. If he cannot master the profession of a musician or artist, he will most likely prefer work in the field of pedagogy, psychology, marketing.


Seraphima is beautiful, gentle, sensitive, passionate. She is tactful, affable, sociable, because many men dream of winning her heart. However, this is not easy to do.

The fact is that Seraphima attaches a lot of importance to her intuition. She lives in a mysterious world of signs and forebodings, so she may not come on a date for the simple reason that a black cat ran across her path or because "the stars have formed this way."

However, a patient admirer who has enough endurance and tact not to condemn her attitude will eventually be rewarded, in bed Seraphima is passionate and indefatigable, tempted in love games, capable of delivering unforgettable erotic sensations to her partner.

Having married, Seraphima shows herself as an excellent cook and caring mother. She tries to adapt her lifestyle to those she loves, because quarrels and discord in her family are extremely rare.

However, Seraphima does not tolerate reproaches: either she will flare up in an ugly way, or she will withdraw into herself, having lost most of her charm. Seraphima does not tolerate loneliness, does not like change, even having received indisputable evidence of her husband's infidelity, she will try to save the family.



A rock


Zodiac sign

Taurus, Virgo, Aquarius, Pisces, Leo.


The word Seraphim gives the impression of something rough, gentle, feminine, weak, small, slow.

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