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Meaning of the name

Salome translated from Hebrew means "peaceful", "calm".


As a child, Salome is active, mobile, loves to invent new games, complex and interesting. She knows how to achieve her goal, using both tears and smiles. Often he suffers from colds, the weak point of the body is the liver.

During her school years, she shows herself as a good student, although she does not differ in exemplary behavior. Kind and fearless, respected by classmates.

The adult Salome is just as active, but careful and prudent, carefully thinking through every act, decision, plan. She is true to her word, punctual, prudent and thrifty.

Salome completely does not give in to someone else's influence, has a strong will, never forgets the wrongs inflicted on her and can wait a long time for an opportunity to take revenge, and if one introduces herself, she will show ruthlessness towards the offender.

It is very hard to experience failures and misses, can fall into a prolonged depression. Salome very carefully selects friends and does not forgive dishonesty and betrayal.

Salome is extremely serious about the choice of profession, and prefers work associated with risk, and sometimes pays more attention to her career than her family and friends.

Salome is not very fond of housekeeping, although she cooks well and can amaze guests with her culinary skills. She will devote a lot of time and effort to raising children.


Salome is extremely attractive, feminine, charming, and nothing human is alien to her. However, she never rushes into the arms of the first man she meets, for some time she carefully looks at the admirer in order to be sure of the truth of his feelings towards her.

Salome rarely makes mistakes, as he has an amazing intuition. Sensuality in intimacy manifests itself under the condition of absolute trust in the partner, in other cases it will remain cold and dispassionate.

In sex, Salome prefers traditional methods, is unlikely to agree to love games, in which there will be techniques from her point of view that do not correspond to the moral norms accepted in society.

He treats oral sex with caution and some degree of disgust. Able to achieve satisfaction only if the partner shows understanding and will not persuade her to non-traditional methods of stimulation.

Salome does not like to demonstrate her feelings, it is difficult to deceive her - this woman will immediately feel the lie and withdraw into herself for a long time. Having married, she manifests herself as a faithful, loving wife, strictly adhering to generally accepted moral principles.



A rock


Zodiac sign

Aries, Taurus, Leo, Libra, Pisces.


The sound of the name Salome gives the impression of something light.

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